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Formance SIP home

We are excited to be building our first Formance SIP house in Dry Hills Lane, Blenheim. 

The panels are essentially made of solid polystyrene sandwiched between 2 sheets of OSB. Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high performance building material for the ultimate sustainable home. They provide high insulation, high strength and a low eco footprint for your building envelope. To find out more visit
The solid, warm feel of the house is complimented with the use of PVC Tilt and Turn Joinery while Concrete Walls finished with Douglas Fir add some great character to the house.
Looking forward to adding more pictures to the project as it progresses.
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Ridgetop Rise Home


Designed by local Architect Jarrod Midgley this project included
everything from initial excavations to putting the
number on the letter box.
Separated into two main areas: garage, work shop and
office wing and also the main living areas. Both are connected
via a bridge that floats about 500mm above the surrounding
All areas of the house and land were designed to perfectly
complement each other and fit in with the overall vision.

The house is clad in vertical Cedar boards as well as 20mm
thick Lime Render plaster finished in a way to produce an
earthy, natural feel. Either can look dominant depending
on the aspect.
Exposed aggregate concrete is a common theme linking
the outdoor living areas to the east with the BBQ area to
the rear where an automated Awning provides solace from
the sun.
Even the utility areas have been well designed with the trailer
sheet and clothes line hidden from view by Cedar slats
screens matching the house.

The exterior Lime Render walls are continued internally to
provide flow from the outside in. Vertical Cedar is also introduces
internally where it is used to line the full height of
the stairwell.
Polished concrete floors, floor to ceiling Aluminium joinery,
award-winning home automation and spray lacquered joinery
finishes the interior to the highest quality.

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Seddon Homestead


This 1870’s homestead was in varying states of disrepair. The owners had a strong determination to restore the home to its deserved state.

The project was carefully managed in 4 separate stages so the owners were able to remain in the house while work was ongoing.

Work began by turning the old meat safe into a child’s bedroom and finished after the Seddon Earthquake with the removal of a large brick chimney in the kitchen/living area. 

The end product is a cohesive renovation that breathes new life into this family home without forgetting its roots. 

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Evesham Ln Home


Coming up with a home that stands out isn’t always easy but the clever design and use of modern building materials sets this home apart.

An 8m wide sliding door that retracts inside the wall, home electric automation, DecorTec panels to the living area ceilings and fence made from Corten Steel are some of the many features of this home.

The random width Cedar weather boards contrast perfectly with the black window joinery creating a very contemporary style. Garapa hardwood decking and vertical slats lead towards the entrance where a Corten Steel canopy provides cover. 

The slats are continued inside in Jarrah and double as a balustrade for the stylish American Oak stairwell.

Concrete tilt slabs with wood grain finish separate the living from the kitchen area where a splashback of the Manhatten Skyline takes center stage. 

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Fairhall Home


This family home fulfilled the owner’s dream of many years. It includes 4 bedrooms each with their own deck area, an office, multiple living areas and a large covered patio. 

Large north-facing windows and covered patio making the most of the stunning views of Marlborough’s wine region.

The stunning Cedar T&G ceiling without any visible fixings in the living room and plywood wall linings combined with bright tiles used in the bathroom set this home apart. White brick walls with protruding bricks combined with vertical Cedar create an interesting exterior. 

The owner’s input into the choice of interior linings and finishings makes for a truly unique family home.  

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Park Tce Family home


This family home designed by Jerram Tocker Barron Architects incorporating five bedrooms, an office, multiple living areas, conservatory and a large wine cellar makes the most of modern building materials and design features.

Large exposed aggregate tilt panels lead towards the entrance and continue internally. The concrete theme is repeated in the home with a polished concrete floor throughout the living areas and extensive concrete patio.

Timber work is prevalent throughout the house with large structural timber beams also create an interesting visual feature. Cedar slats line the exterior of the wine cellar and this theme was continued on the living room ceiling.

The EuroTech Larch Tilt and Turn Joinery was central to the owners requirements, the large areas of glass help to give the house a unique appearance and make the most of the Marlborough sun. 

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Addition on the Terrace


A substantial addition designed by local architect Tim Barton.

Always intended to be part of the original house, this addition of a dining room and formal lounge with guest changing area increases the homes functionality.

All finishes were made to blend seamlessly with the existing home. Tasmanian Oak joinery and mouldings are a feature of the interior. The Warmington open fire and large North facing windows allow for comfortable entertaining throughout the year.

The Extensive 80m2 deck extension with surrounding glass wind screens allow the owners to make the most of the picturesque surroundings.

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Okaramio Adobe House


The clients had a very clear image of what the wanted to achieve on this project and we had to be sympathetic to their ideas in order to achieve this.

The homestead was created using 6700 adobe bricks for internal and external walls. Consideration had to be given to the time of year they were laid and the speed at which the roof was completed to ensure integrity of the adobe bricks.

A two and a half meter wide veranda supported by recycled telephone poles gives a large outdoor living space and protects the adobe bricks further.

Locally grown and milled timber was the other main material used. Macrocarpa, Totara, Matai and Oak were all used in the construction. No treated timber, gib-board or mdf were used in the house.

A gallery to the North uses Italian porcelain tiles to catch the sun and warm the house passively in the evening. Under floor hot water pipes were installed as well as a gas fire for the chillier nights. In addition solar panels heat the water for the kitchen and bathrooms. The showers of which are lined in mini corrugated iron, which had to be cut, shaped to the curve of the wall and glued in place to avoid mechanical fixings.

A superb building where even the smallest detail was thought through and helps execute the desired result.

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Covent Garden Home


If there is a job to be done, it should be done properly – and this Blenheim home has been crafted with attention to all the details.

Built six years ago the owners were after a property that offered both indoor and outdoor living, with plenty of options for entertaining.

The house is constructed from hebel stone, and contains a C-Bus system, which controls all the electronics.

There are several heating facilities, including air conditioning throughout, European-style wood heating through the floor, under-tile heating and gas fires.

A specially designed two-lane lap pool is one of the property’s prime features.  A safety-approved automatic cover seals the pool off completely when not in use, allowing it to stay clean and warm.

Linked to the pool area is the kitchen, which comprises of three areas – a scullery, main kitchen, and coffee-making space, set up with a coffee machine, hot and cold water on tap and drawers containing all the bits and pieces needed for coffee art.

According to the owner, the bathroom also deserves a mention – with the main shower area containing three shower heads, including body jets.

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